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Zero to 40K
A Warhammer bookclub for newbies
Game store manager and 40K aficionado Walter Stewart is joined by 3 friends who are reading Warhammer books for the first time. Come read along with us and help us make sense of the world of 40K...if that is even possible.

Contact us: 0240Kpod@gmail.com

About your hosts

Walter Stewart

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Walter is the manager and co-owner of Tabletop Game & Hobby in Overland Park, KS. He has been playing Warhammer games since their Rogue Trader days. He has been enjoying Warhammer books since near the inception of the Black Library.

Shannon Tierney

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Shannon is a human living in the suburbs of Kansas City. She enjoys cats, dogs, Lego, board games, steak, pie, and naps. She watches way too much TV and listens to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks.

Erik Strangefellow

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Adult mall rat and elder goth. Type 4 Gemini with a 3 wing. Lover of critters and eater of vegetables. Erik Strangefellow is a solo musician as well as a collaborator with the band Archer Arcana. Erik is a digital artist and the author of one book. He can be found on Youtube and at antique stores. He considers himself a Lebensk√ľnstler, though he struggles to pronounce the word out loud.

Sarah Fettke

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Sarah is an occasional writer, permanent indoor kid, nerd about town, and funky little queer just doing their best. Their natural habitat is at home in their pajamas, staring into the void of a blank Word document while their pets clamor for constant attention. The pets always win.